Illustration and Infographics

I had the pleasure to do some work for the local Austin company, The client needed to convey a great deal of information in a concise and readable format, basically an infographic. I have a personal fondness for infographics because the graphic tends to exhibit the perfect blend of architecture, statistics and graphic design. I jumped at the offer and then quickly found myself swarmed by giant spreadsheets full of information.

As a part of the exercise, I also wanted the graphic to convey the purpose of the company and the exciting possibilities of the services that the company provides. I made a series of vignettes featuring a different locale from around the world. All of the obvious spots were covered such as Paris and Hawaii, but my favorite illustrations were of the more obscure travel destinations like Singapore and Utah.

Other Projects

After the infographic was completed, I was also asked to develop a series of icons for a FAQ pamphlet intended to inform potential clients as to what Pet Relocation does. This was also a fun project and allowed me to develop flexible and modular solutions using my illustration system