An Apparel Design Competition

Recently, the Austin Parks Foundation hosted an open competition to design apparel for the 2011 Austin City Limits Music Festival. The prizes available were marginal, but the opportunity to make something that will be seen and worn by thousands of individuals was...irresistible. My partner-in-crime, Jeremy Whalberg, came up with the initial concept: a ball of symbolism that hearkens to the not so obvious elements of what Austin is known for.

Our agreed upon vocabulary of symbols include the sacred blind salamander, the prolific grackle, the distinctive rolling hills of West Lake, the cooling and tranquil waters of Barton Springs, the continuous cover of the live oak, the ever-present Capitol and the culture defining and inescapable music of the city. Our team assumed that our submission was a strong one, but unluckily the crowd sourcing nature of the competition decision making process resulted in the hard to conquer world of facebook trolling. We were not chosen but we still feel confident in the results of this graphic exercise.